Family law attorney and mediator Michael W. Carter provides the following professional services:

    • Consultation
      Mr. Carter offers confidential consultation on all family law matters, including premarital planning, separation planning, divorce procedure, property division, custody and parenting, child and spousal support, taxes, and modification of court orders. Mr. Carter also provides advice reguarding dispute resolution alternatives such as mediation and collaboration.

    • Mediation
      Mr. Carter provides end to end mediation services covering all aspects of family law, including asset and debt division, custody and parenting, child and spousal support, and modification and enforcement of court orders.  In addition, Mr. Carter serves as mediator to clients in need of cohabitation, property, premarital, and postmarital agreements.

Mr. Carter has been a family law attorney since 1985 and since 1991 he has been certified as a specialist in that field by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California.

Mr. Carter’s practice is generally limited to family law consultations and assisting family law clients committed to mediation and other settlement oriented dispute resolution processes.

Mr. Carter’s office is located in Orinda, California.